What’s Next From Palm?

What is coming next from Palm (just wrongly grouping palmsource and palmone)?? We’ve got the Zires…72 and 31 and the alleged Treo 610 (bluetooth baby!) but what else is on the way — assuming the Treo is real.

I’ve been quite happy with my T3 and while it’s only been since November, the idea of a new OS on my older device has me wondering what we’ll actually see and whether it will be time for something else. (I am keeping the thought path open only to Palm OS for this blog, anything from Apple would most likely override my thinking here…)

Is there a T4? There have been discussions and rumors about the slider design (which is totally cool in my book) going away to be more tablet like… I hope the only reason to do something like this would be to accommodate a wifi antenna in addition to the existing bluetooth radio. While the Sony UX-50 was interesting to me at the time I purchased my T3, I found the screen to be less than desireable… while it has a nice resolution, it’s quite small considering the size of the plastic frame. It’s hard to beat the T3 screen.

Is there something totally unique? Palm has not had too many tricks up their sleeve… the OS plan was a semi-secret, but is really just a road map at this point as no devices have been leaked that include the next generation.

Just wondering… I’ve got that spring fever, gadget itch.

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