All Hail the Mighty Google Cache!

As I mentioned, last this week I had a database blow-out and lost about a month of posts. While certainly better than losing the several years that have accumulated, it still sucks. I knew Google had been generously running through my site for quite this whole time, so I’ve been actively looking through my logs to find urls of pages that have been cached. It’s a piece by piece rebuild, but is working great actually. I’ve reposted quitee a few and have luckily found my longer ones. Some of the link oriented ones may just fall off…

WordPress is great for this process as it lets me easily edit the date and time to match what was originally in place. I can’t rebuild the comments that were lost and over the past month there were actually some good ones…My issue now aside from not finding all of them at once is that some of the incoming links are based on the php to db code rather than the nicer cruft-free permalinks. Hopefully visitors will use the handy search box on the sidebar and find their original query.

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