Vigoto VigoBox

Seems like an interesting idea, but perhaps too far ahead of it’s time. You need to have a wired (literally) home, which is certainly far from a large number of people. Newer homes in the $1 Million range seem to offer cat 5 cabling so this box will fit nicely — assuming it supports the cable company in your area the other key piece here. Most (if any) US markets don’t support bring your own cable box.

If what Vigoto claims is possible, the VigoBox may be the next big thing in cable-based DVR (digital video recorder) entertainment. The VigoBox claims to be a one set-top box DVR and cable programming solution for up to five televisions in a coaxial wired home (no home networking equipment required)…. [eHomeUpgrade]

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  1. The VigoBox works great!
    On any TV you get cable you can enjoy full DVR functionally! And you can record multiple channels at the same time. It was exhibited and demo in the NCTA show in early May.

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