Tivo Will Eventually (not) Deliver Video via RSS

While I want to belive that TiVO will support this and even become a leader in enabling such a technological breakthrough for consumers, I doubt it will ever happen. It’s clear that there is no way they want the wrath of the MPAA — just look at what happened to ReplayTV. They were leading edge, but got smacked when they launched sharing between users… if TiVO or any DVR was to stream out feeds from recordings it would have to be completely covered by some horrific DRM that would make using it near impossible. TiVO2Go which is rumored to potentially exist will use a hardware key to send the files around… but to one system only. Discs you burn, will only play on that one system… unlikely that this will be allowed to freely stream over RSS or Atom or any other syndication format without the hacker community getting involved.

I believe Tivo will eventually develop the capability to send entire recorded video clips to subscribers through RSS feeds. This will enable a consumer to truly time shift their TV habits beyond just when they have time to sit on the comfy couch. Tivo will eventually stream video clips – or even entire shows – via RSS or Atom or some other variant to TVs, PCs, PDAs or cell phones. [Micro Persuasion]

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