Crisis inside Chipzilla?

Om Malik pores over the details of the latest announcements and departures at Intel…

Kumar slams a fist in the solar plexus when he writes: Intel is losing its ability to develop and deliver market-leading products? In just a few months, Intel has terminated development of its most advanced x86 architecture and marginalized the Itanium family, which was once the anointed successor to x86.

Don’t expect to see a dual-core desktop processor from Intel until mid-2005, and this first effort will probably fall short of Intel’s traditional performance roadmap for the same timeframe, Kumar writes. The Pentium 4, in fact, has improved only marginally since the 3.06GHz version arrived at the end of 2002. It is ironic that Intel which has always made fun of Apple’s approach to higher performance – that multiprocessing – and now is resorting to the same approach. [Om Malik on Broadband]

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