Cable’s Killer App?

Fred at A VC wonders

The killer app for cable operators is a Rhapsody like service delivered over cable like Music Choice is. Why doesn’t that exist?

I am not sure exactly how this would work…but have some ideas of where it might go.

Are you proposing an additional rental fee beyond access to the streaming you get now? Music Choice exists today and gives you access to how ever many channels (20?) they offer though they dictate the tunes and the playlists.

It would be tough (I think) to get additional access to things like downloads… plus don’t you think the on-demand load would be pretty high if we were allowed to create playlists and customize our own channel rather than just choose a style of music to stream? Though perhaps over a computer to then be customized to your personal TV channel.

It would be interesting to see Music Choice partner with one of the online services though to complete the loop. Your TV is already hooked up to your home theater / stereo so you would get better fidelity tunes there yet deeper access via your computer for more of a personalized experience and even downloads which you could burn to disc.

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