Circuits on Voom

David Pogue review the Voom HD Satellite service and finds it interesting, yet kludgy and an obvious startup…

The listings grid routinely chops off the second line of each show’s description, the box takes several seconds to change channels and the channel grid always appears at channel 100, rather than the channel you’re already watching. And Voom’s customer service department is still, ahem, evolving. (It took eight days to get a reply to an e-mailed question to Voom tech support, which promises a response in 24 hours.) [The New York Times]

As noted in the article, Voom has it’s challenges… aside from the installation of a dish and a few antennas (installation is currently being waved as part of a time limited promotion) the existing installed providers are soon to follow with more HD as well. Time Warner offers much fewer channels here, about 10 or so active ones including ESPN, Discovery, HBO and Showtime as well as the networks and PBS. Voom enhances this list with some additional new, yet less interesting and “B” level content. If you want the gimmick of an all HD service, it might just be for you, though if you are like 20% of the people who sign up, you’ll be canceling after a short trial.

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