Did Time Warner Drop G4?

I am not sure what the deal exactly is, but G4TechTV just dropped off my cable guide… I noticed channel 105 was just missing… The guide now goes directly from 104 to 106.

I realize Comcast owns G4 and Time Warner would not want to pay them too much for the privledge… but hey, we already had the damn channel! I want my G4/TechTV…


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  1. Thats one of the only things i watch on DTV, pay the money for the channel! we all want it. Time Warner Cable is crap to begin with

  2. Write letters, complain to time warner NYC AND G4 to get the channel back! Like me and my entire club is doing!

  3. Time Warner sucks, especially in Minneapolis. Mr. Parsons and Mr. Feyen, the top two execs were barely cleared of Fraud charges. The Courts decisions were clearly based on Political clout than on evidence, as Retirees were swindled out of their savings.

    I had Time Warner Business Class service in Minneapolis for five years, four was spotless Cable TV, nice broadband to the internet, and the ability to host my own server inexpensively.

    When Parsons and Feyen took over, it all began to unravel in typical Corporate American Style. They let go, fired or cut staff that knew how to deal with technical issues. They hired Convergys, a call center operation, which hires people off the street for $5 and hour in Ottawa. So you are no longer talking to A: A Time Warner rep B: Someone who is very remote from you can could careless, probably barely knows how to tie their own shoes. Case in point, I argued with a guy whose screen name was GI JOE.

    Your big fat cable bill is loading someone’s pockets and not going into the service I hear in blogs. Time Warner “service” people missed on six occassions, a failing amphilpher and Co-Axial cable going to in my home. They kept replacing one terrible Zyxel Cable Modem with another, that were used somewhere else, repaired, and palmed off on me as NEW. Imagine their indifference when they did this ‘fix’ and it did not work.

    You are not getting anything approaching high tech gear, but old, used, behind the times cable boxes, modems and whatever is bouncing around Installers trucks at the time.

    You should A: Ask if you are speaking to a Call Center person. Federal Law forbids them to lie, but they will. Ask them for their address. If they report they are Convergys or not in your area, keep calling the Time Warner office in your area until you reach someone accountable. Mr. Parsons is CEO of Time Warner Inc of Minnesota.

    B: Dispute all charges for service work done. Ask the birthdate for all equipment installed in your home. It is Fraud to charge you for problematic equipment and pass the charges on your bill as NEW equipment. Even if they dont charge you but for the service, demand why you are getting repeated problems in the same area.

    C: The Public Utilities Commission has no direct control over cable operations. But they must answer to complaints, since the cable line is a utility line. Find out the mandatory height of cable lines, and if, like me, you find your line on the ground, or even under the roof line, it is probably illegal. Complain loudly.

    Complaints should drive out lousy competitors for superior ones like Comcast or Dish providers or WI-FI providers if you use Time Warner for internet access. I spoke to many people whom all have problems with Time Warner. Its about money, of course. If they have to steal from retirees, then you are not getting the service your $100 a month? $150 a month? bill you are enttitled to.

    So think about what kind of equipment you have near your computer or your set top box on your TV before you curse out the “programming” or speed issues. You could have a very old cable from the Pole, a bad connector no one bothered to check, a used or abused modem/set top box. All so people like Mr. Parsons can stuff his pockets till the game is up.

    And your wallet is emptied.

    Thank you for your time.

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