Shake Shack – Preview Week

Just had a few dogs (yeah I know it’s early) at the Shake Shack and thought I’d file a small report for those interested parties… judging by my traffic reports, there are quite a few of you.

At the moment you can get Hot Dogs, Soda and Beer, Fries and Ice Cream. The full menu will be available on July 1 and will include quite a few more options like a Portabella Mushroom Sandwich, Burgers, Shakes, Concretes and Wine.

The Dogs are pretty good… They are Vienna Beef – the thinner kind of dogs and taste good. Far from the best dog – I’m actually partial to the Kosher Franks myself, as they have much more spice in them. There are three basic options – the Chicago Dog (10 toppings), The Taxi Dog (2 toppings – Kraut and Onions) and I can’t recall what the third is called, but it’s plain.

We had the Taxi Dogs, though I added relish. All good. Certainly worth the trip or a stop if you are already in the ‘hood (Madison Square Park) and want a Hot Dog. Definitely looking forward to the full menu.

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