Totonno’s Pizzeria!

We may have just had the best pizza in New York!

Totonno’s recently opened a location near where we live, so it’s not only easy to visit to dine-in but also within delivery range! Since the storm front was moving in quickly tonight we decided to go for delivery, which took considerably longer than the usual neighborhood pizza joint, but the taste was in it’s own world – beyond compare.

The usual delivery options are officially closed out… There’s just no reason to go for anything other than the best. I can’t wait to try it again from within to get a fuller experience. The pizza is thin crust cooked in a coal oven with a thicker crust than Lombardi’s or Patsy’s, but tastier! The sauce and cheese are excellent! We opted for the Margherita tonight but the Bianca (white pizza) is supposed to be great as well – perhaps next time we’ll mix in a small one to complement the first pie.

There are two other locations – Upper East and Yonkers… if you are nearby, you must give it a go.

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