WiFi and GPRS

It’s become increasing more clear to me that the next handheld device I own have both WiFi and GPRS (or equivalent) via bluetooth capabilities. I’d also really like to have a keyboard for true messaging ability.

Since it’s summer I’ve been taking advantage of my cargo shorts attire and carrying both my Palm Tungsten T3 and Palm Tungsten C around as I walk about the city. I’ve found that when WiFi is in range, email is much more pleasant to deal with. Since I use SnapperMail, I have to check my email, rather than have it automatically appear ala Blackberry. When using the TC, the speed is just an amazing thing – even for syncing IMAP folders. My T3 works in more places, while actually moving, and can be scheduled to poll for messages (like every 30 minutes), but when you want to check it now, you just can’t beat WiFi.

Whatever my next unit turns out to be, a T4, Treo Ace or some surprise unit… it’s got to have both either built-in, or through an expansion card. Of course built-in is preferred… just to keep it simple.

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  1. Hello,

    I’d like to say that i use the Adapt-mobile bluetooth keyboard with joy and succes for a while now, it works with a driver that installs via a .CAB, and fits inside your jacket pocket. (no more need for a laptop) and can type full speed.

    also works on nokia phones and such.

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