I, Robot

Just got back from I, Robot at the Sony Metreon here in San Francisco…

While there seems to be some controversy in how closely the movie follows the philosophy of Asimov, I really enjoyed it. As I recently mentioned I had just read the book (eBook actually) and thought it was very cool. The movie takes clear influence and inspiration, but adapts from the stories to (of course) create something more akin to a Hollywood blockbuster popcorn movie.

The visual effects are seriously cool, though a bit too much of the matrix bullet-time is used for my taste. That withstanding, it was a fun ad action packed film. Will Smith’s character, Spooner, grew on me as the movie progressed. Initially he was actually too intensely anti-robot and anti-tech, but all is revealed in time…

The best part as the special matinee price – $7.95. I can’t recall the last time a movie was only 8 bucks.

P.S. Thank you annoying guy behind me for not speaking once the movie started… while I was not thrilled with your narrative of the previews I was quite happy you shut up when the feature started to roll.

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  1. Fair Enough… there were about 10 so it was getting long anyway. The only one I actually even recall was a George Lucas film – THX 1138 which looks like it is getting re-released.

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