Mac vs. Windows

Coming up on a week of cross-platform usage and a few thoughts circling about regarding the differences…

I use a PC because I have to. I use a Mac because I want to.

I bring home the work laptop and as soon as my wife sees it she says – “That new work computer sure is ugly!” Pretty amazing considering when we met I had a PC, which was later sold (with resistance by her I might add) for the iMac she uses today.

The look and feel of a system is much more than I have probably ever realized. The PC has some nice things, though mainly details with how Outlook interacts with Exchange… I’m infinitely more comfortable using MS Office for Mac, reading on the screen is a pleasure as the LCD is so much easier on the eyes. The thinkpad does have a nice keyboard, but I am so totally accustomed to my Powerbook, which I still prefer.

My Mac just works… I had no idea (literally no idea) that you had to use a silly hexadecimal password to connect to some wireless networks. On my Mac, I just type in the password and it connects, for the PC, I had to look up what the translation to hexadecimal was and then key that in — twice! Apparently Apple took care of this when they wrote the Airport software…I wonder why no one else thought it was a good idea as well.

There are way too many annoying alerts down in the taskbar about various activities… I get it. I understand the icon changes… I don’t need little helper pop-ups getting in my way.

Guess that’s about it. I don’t hate or dislike working in windows as much as I really just love working on my Mac.

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