VOOM’s Network Enabled HD DVR

PVRBlog points to an amazing VOOM Demo Video for what’s coming in 2005.

Voom has partnered with Ucentric to create a multi-room DVR / Media sharing network. On Voom it works with a main DVR rig, or rigs which network together to share content to other rooms with either TVs or simply stereos since the platform can also share music and pictures in addition to TV content. The other rooms require the use of a thin client box which once activated gets its own stream on the network.

This is a very exciting prospect for the near future and from what I gathered from the video really means this stuff is not only close but actually looks easy to use. Feature highlights include being able to watch the same recorded show in different rooms at different paces and switching rooms to continue watching something.

The target box has a 160GB drive at the moment which they say holds about 30 hours of HD content. That seems pretty good to me… Unfortunately, it’s pretty unlikely that I’ll even have the option to switch to Voom or any satellite provider while living in my apartment. Ucentric lists partners on their site (not Voom for some reason) and include Comcast and Motorola, so perhaps these types of features will find themselves beyond mere test markets on the cable side as well. For now I’m hopeful that the HD DVR from Time Warner will hold me over. According to the Explorer 8000 mailing list it’s now trickling out…

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