Zensys Z-Wave home automation

I’m all about the magic and have thought about home automation quite a bit for home theater applications as well as many other conveniences and cool factors… This will have to go in to the ring for consideration.

Bachelors of the world hear this: this new 908.4-Mhz, UPnP-compliant home automation system from Z-Wave will make your X10 system look so 20th century. Because this system is completely wireless, you won%u2019t need to rewire your house (unlike X-10 systems). Each module acts as a repeater, so it re-broadcasts the signal to other hubs. The Deluxe Starter Kit includes two dimmable light switches and a remote. The kit will run you about $150, and additional modules are about $40. So invite the girls over, hit that switch, and let the magic begin. [ Engadget ]

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