We are a go for Podcasting…

I uploaded two recordings I’ve done so far… more will certainly follow!

atmaspheric | radio #1… recorded late last night

atmaspheric | radio #2… just wrapped. Much more clear headed.

WordPress does not officially support enclosures just yet, so we’ll see how long I can wait until hacking (read adding the hack already developed) the nightly build for WP 1.3. UPDATEI now have an RSS 2.0 feed purely for enclosures

I hope in future shows to patch in others and get much more focused on production quality.

Couple of links I mentioned… Palm’s announcement page for MS Exchange / Active Sync tech
and Treonauts.

4 Replies to “We are a go for Podcasting…”

  1. Sounds good. Music is really crazy. I’d like to hear more. Is that a Tibetan horn in the background?

  2. While waiting for the “official” wordpress support, I used an existing WordPress plugin and added a line to the wp-rss2.php to make enclosures work for me. It might be easier than a “hack” 🙂

    Let me know if you’d like the write-up on how I did it.

  3. In theory it should now just work… I am using Andrew Grumet’s dir2rss script which I hope will continue to update after my next podcast – we’ll see soon enough.

    The track on Podcast #1 is Maiden Voyage (Spiritualized Electric Mainline Mix) on Global Communication’s Maiden Voyage Album. I have no idea what that instrument is… I do have more tracks from them, so I’ll see about adding things like that to my stuff.

    Thanks for listening and for the quick feedback!

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