Sick iPod…

on a train listening to Woz at Gnomedex and my iPod just stops. Now all I get is a reset loop followed by a folder witha caution sign in the lower left corner.

Is it dead or just in need of some disc utils?

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  1. I dealt with AppleCare and actually just got a new one coutesy of the service. It was dead, but they replaced it for free and it actually only took a few days.

  2. I get a caution sign too and called apple tech support but since my ipod is past its warantee they would not help me. Does anyone know how I can fix this myself? Please let me know

  3. sorry to hear of your troubles… You’ll probably need a new drive at best and maybe more if there are other issues. You might want to look into 3rd party solutions. I don’t have any to recommend at the moment unfortunately.

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