iPod returns!

I got my iPod back today from Apple and was pleased to see it was a brand new 3G 40GB unit. Guess the old one was too messed up to bother repairing…

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  1. Hi John!
    My name is Samantha Woyce and I had a similar problem with my Ipod nano. I bought it last December and after only a month of owning the Ipod nano it started to freeze, and I was unable to change my songs. I would like to send it back to apple and for them to replace it if possible, but I’m not sure as to how to go about doing that. I enjoyed using my Ipod nano while it was working, and would buy other Apple products in the future. If you could get back to me as soon as possible that would be great!
    Thanks so much John!
    Samantha Woyce

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