Eyehome continues to rock!

There’s much to like about the Eyehome digital media player as I noted previously. Tonight though I was able to get .vob files (the format actually on the DVD) to play with audio which means I can safely copy my DVD collection to disk and have a fully connected library to view from. You can opt to convert your DVD to some other format to conserve space, but I’ve found the process to be time consuming and frustrating at best. Disk space continues to come down in price which makes keeping the large files around much easier.

I am using the freeware Mactheripper (do a search) to backup the DVD. I chose to save just the feature (rather than the titles and extras) which eliminates some extra file size (probably not that much) and gets rid of parts of your movie you can control anyway since you are not actually playing through a DVD player. Once the files are saved, you simply point the Eyehome to the VIDEO_TS directory and hit play… You’ll need the optical connection enabled to get the audio to play, but with it, you get AC3 sound and full DVD quality video streaming through your home. This works from a Mac connected either with Airport Extreme or via ethernet. A second (or third) Eyehome would enable this in other rooms… Rock on!

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