Too Many Routers

I currently have 3 routers running here and it’s causing some issues…

My current setup looks like this:

  • ATT CallVantage D-Link Router
  • Linksys Router (used to be my only one)
  • Vonage Linksys Router
  • Linksys Switch
  • Apple Airport Extreme

I only have two computers but I have quite a few devices connected on the network as you might imagine. The issues I am having are probably not too common and I am sure neither is my setup for that matter but perhaps someone reading has some insight.

I need to open some ports on the DLink in order to forward certain things to my desktop computer. I’d like to stream some music out to myself for example, which used to work just fine when I only had the Linksys, but with the additional equipment things are considerably more complicated. My main linksys uses 192.168.1.X addressing but the 2 VOIP routers have 192.168.15.X ranges. All my stuff can connect out to world except for the Vonage router. Since the Vonage box comes after the ATT, it loses and has yet to connect (this is the least of my priorities).

I can’t figure out how to correctly alter the settings on the D-Link since it has such a different way of management than the more familiar UI of the Linksys. The other annoying part is if you mess with something you not only have to reboot the damn thing, but you also take the chance that your phone service won’t work. I’ve already had the pleasure of reseting both my main Linksys and D-Link to default states in order to start my testing again… My addressing is DHCP with static IP numbers for the computers which works and will need to remain that way so external calls can properly route to the right place.

Bueller? Anyone?

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