Nokia 6630: light on RAM?

Russs Beattie discovers the new Nokia 6630 has a wacky limited and proprietary memory scheme… Nothing like a new standard to tweak the geek in you.

Another thing, I was completely surprised that I couldn’t take my 512MB RS-MMC out of my 7610 (that Nokia also leant me) and pop it into my 6630. I was warned, but I didn’t believe it until I tried it. Yep, Nokia’s changed memory standards again and are now using a Dual Voltage Reduced Size Multimedia Card (DVRS-MMC). Oh. My. God. And people call the Memory Stick proprietary? You can’t even *buy* this memory!!!! Arrrgh. So I’m stuck with the 64MB of RAM that came with the phone, and even though I can hot-swap it out, I have nothing to swap it with. (Can you see the tears welling?)

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