iPod? Hellomoto…

Forbes reports on the long standing rumor of an Apple / Motorola joint development, but beyond the MOT phone that might handle some iTunes stuff. Seems this is going to be a mid-priced phone capable of connecting via bluetooth to your computer to share a subset of your tunes. As Jobs was heard to say, “Think of it as an accessory for your iPod.”

If the phone is as far along as Cue suggests, then Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs would be likely to announce it during his annual keynote speech at MacWorld Expo, scheduled for Jan. 11, 2005 in San Francisco.

In true Apple style, Cue declined to say whether Jobs will indeed address the phone at that event. “What we’ve talked about is a something that is valuable for the mass market,” Cue says. “It has to be a phone in the middle-tier of the market, not a $500-tier phone. It has to be very seamless to use. And we’re very happy with the results.”

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