Sirius Stream Explorer

My radio is across the room and behind me actually so I can’t see the display other than that it glows blue. If I don’t know what’s playing and want to see I have to get up… until now. Sirius Stream Explorer is a cool site that shows all live stations and their info. I can just leave it live in a tab within Safari or Firefox.

What I’d really love is to get the basic station name and info on my Harmony Remote instead of TV Listings, which I’ve chosen not to sync and load anyway. I have up to 6 items per screen view which would very nicely match up to the Sirius system… I doubt that’s coming though, as my radio is not even listed on the Harmony site and has to be manually programmed into the remote.

I could however, load the Sirius Stream Explorer site into a PDA (have a Tungsten C lying around) for a quick update as it’s hard to read the display from my couch as well. Not sure if it’s my eyes or the blue on blue screen…Anyway it totally works, though without the auto-updating of my desktop browser. I actually tried this and while the page eventually loaded, it ‘s far from an ideal experience. Desktop browser tab it is…

The Sirius Stream Explorer is a great companion to the online streaming you might be listening to as well as there does not seem to be any track info listed…If you are a Windows user you might really like the other purpose for the Sirius Stream Explorer… control of your device!

The ItsOnSIRIUS Radio was designed to overcome some of the limitations of SIRIUS Satellite Radio’s Online Streaming Software. Later releases are planned to include support for serial based radios and remote control over a network.

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