Start over… any show on TV

Time Warner is working on a special feature for digital cable subscribers called Start Over, the WSJ reports. The cool thing about this idea is that you don’t have to be recording or even using a DVR to enable it. You simply tune to a program and press “Start Over” on your remote and the TV obeys.

This level of simplicity delivers a powerful tool to the TV watching masses and will definitely be both an intuitive and useful feature to have. Some tricks for Time Warner include getting revised programming rights from the various acting guilds, music producers, studios and of course the networks. This is apparently the straw that broke the camel’s back with Mystro TV, Time Warner’s recently killed fully on-demand system. The WSJ assumes that the FF feature will be disabled during commercials in order to help the approval process, which changes a significant detail in the DVR / Time-shifting experience – eliminating the Time Shift! One of the perks in catching up when you start watching a program being recorded after it starts (or after it’s been recorded) is watching it in less time since you can skip over commercials. as noted earlier, this is not a DVR service, but perhaps it will be added to those boxes as well. I’d imagine pressing the button would activate some lovely Macrovision to block FF or 30-sec skip features you might have on your remotes.

I had previously noted MystroTV here and here. Too bad it’s dead.

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