Thinking about iPhone

Simon Woodside at MobileWhack delivers some good thoughts on iPhone and is certainly worth a read. I can’t see UWB happening in the first edition only since they’ll be targeting the mid-line according the report at Forbes. Who knows, I am sure it will be full of surprises when iPhone arrives.

Timewise, iPhone could be out within a year or a month. All of the technology I’ve covered exists now. Margins in the phone business are totally different from Pods and PCs, but you can bet that Apple will get a good deal because of what their star power will do for whatever carrier they grace their first offering on. They’ll cut a surprising deal and could well change the way that handset makers and operators interact (much the way iTunes Music Store changed the online music business and forced the industry and other companies, like Microsoft, to respond).

does well, like the iPod, it will drive more people to Macs, which is a good thing for both Apple and its fans. [MobileWhack ]

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