Sirius Annnounces Video

As predicted, Sirius is launching a video capability … clearly targeting young families with two children’s channels. We’ll probably see some nice auto units to support this, but I can’t imagine using it much in-home with the variety typically available through cable or satellite.

Sirius Satellite Radio today announced at CES that it has selected Windows Media Video 9 for use in Sirius’ mobile video platform (which was briefly mentioned during their NAVTEQ partnership announcement), and has reached an agreement with Microsoft to collaborate in the further development of video applications.

Sirius plans to offer a video service in the second half of 2006, and expects to devote 2-3 channels of premium video content designed primarily for children. With the explosive growth of DVD sales, video capabilities in automobiles are quickly becoming a prime feature for families and travelers. The automobile industry is increasingly interested in offering entertainment features to their new car buyers. According to Sirius, its automotive partners are eager proponents of the service, given the strong demand for rear seat video entertainment. [Orbitcast]

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