Elgato’s EyeTV 500: HDTV the Mac Way

EFF Reviews the Elgato’s EyeTV 500 and it basically comes out as a winner though a bit expensive way to record and timeshift HD and digital content. I already have one component of the Mac Media Center with the EyeHome and the EyeTV would really make a nice addition. It’s just a matter of having enough juice on my computer to record and stream the full HD signals… oh yeah and the fact that you can only record Over The Air (OTA). I still like it though… there may be a chance for this to be capable of recording from cable at some point through a software upgrade. The hardware seems ready with an input right on it, but it seems to be a political issue as you might expect.

update….Damn. I woke up this morning and found the Azureus had downloaded the sample clip (537.6MB) posted by thee EFF, but my laptop, the more powerful system here can’t easily play without stutter. I am using VLC as Quicktime was unable to play the file at all. I guess I would need the dual-G5 system recommended by the EFF in order to get full use from a system like this.

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