Jeff Hawkins Brainstorms

Palminfocenter has an excepted interview with Jeff Hawkins from EETimes where he talks about his book On Intelligence (in my eBook queue) and what he’s up to at palmOne…

EET: How do you see your job as CTO for PalmOne?

Hawkins: I’m really a product guy. I tend to focus on the next big thing.

I was very involved in the Treo 600. I was almost not involved at all in the Treo 650. [Now] I am working on something else which is completely different. My value is trying to figure out how to get the next thing going.

Ka-Ching! I like the sound of that! Though apparently the next thing will be about 2 years away… Hawkins has a very high hit rate: The Original Pilot, Handspring, and Treo. Interesting that he was not involved with the Treo 650, which is really an iteration more than a true advance (still need it though right?). I wonder if he had been involved what would have been different. I’d bet the memory would be a non-issue for sure.

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