Mark Cuban Rocks the Broadcast Flag

Mark Cuban makes some excellent points in his latest post…

So if one of the networks threatens to pull their HD signal because of the broadcast flag… call their bluff.

The same applies to the Movie Industry. MPAA has been quoted as saying that “without the flag, high value content would migrate to where it could be protected.” Yeah right. Just like the music industry switched their content back from CDs to cassette tapes and LPs. I havent seen a movement on the part of the music industry to switch from DVDs and their digital image back to VHS… “where it could be protected”. The movie business complained about DVDs and threatened to not support them…. until they started making more money from DVDs than theatrical release.

Protect the MPAA members from themselves and their lies. Its all BS. Call their bluff.

We dont need the broacast flag. It accomplishes absolutely nothing other than to set a precedent that the content industry can intimidate the FCC….

That said, although the broadcast flag is bad for consumers in every possible way, it would be great for my content businesses. HDNet Films, 2929 Entertainment, Rysher Entertainment, The Dallas Mavericks, HDNet Productions,, every single content entity I have would benefit from the broadcast flag. Not because it would protect content, it wouldnt. Content doesnt need any special protections. There are enough laws on the books regarding theft that no special content laws are needed.

They all would benefit because we wouldnt use the broadcast flag. While the big networks would create confusion and anger with their customers, our businesses could be the knight in shining armour and provide content in exactly the means consumers want it, unencumbered and available to watch, where and how they like. [Blog Maverick]

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