Sony Ericsson planning a P915/P1000?

If this comes in at a competitive price, it could really push the envelope for the UIQ platform and get it to be more handy than the current model. I loved my SE phone pre-Treo and would consider another, especially loaded with Symbian and an integrated (useable) keyboard.

This is all a bit sketch, but the word on the street is that Sony Ericsson is about to announce a successor to their
P910 smartphone. It’s
not entirely clear whether it’s going to be called the P915 or the P1000, but it is said to have a 320×240 QVGA
resolution display, WiFi, and Bluetooth. Best part: instead of the keyboard flipping down, which caused some, ahem,
ergonomic issues with the P910, the keyboard on the P915/P91000 is supposed to remain in a fixed position just
underneath the screen (similar to the Treo 650). Or something along those lines. Whatever they’re calling it, this one
could be announced as early as Tuesday. [Engadget]

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