PSPCasting via Om Malik

Sajeeth Cherian, the wunderkid behind BitTorrent for dummies software, Videora, has come up with a unique new application, PSP Video 9. It will take any video and turn into a format that PSP can read. So now you can download videos using Videora, and then convert them to PSP friendly format within a few seconds.

OK – this is way too cool! I can auto download now through Bit Torrent (via Azureus and the RSS plugin), but auto video conversion and sync to PSP is very slick. I suppose I’d be able to do something like this with AppleScript and Folder Actions, but from what I’ve read Videora is much less DIY and really simplifies the issues (like downloading way too much at once thanks to broad search queries).

Windows only though… oh and I don’t have a PSP on order, though gadget lust is in effect. I will eventually have to have it. I love the portable media (video) player idea and can definitely see myself playing some games while traveling.

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