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Since the PSP launch last week, someone has already discovered how to redirect the built-in browser within Wipeout to load up a small portal page now to include mobile Bloglines. There are methods to convert Manga and eBooks to a picture format that looks surprising readable, and there have been many a tutorial posted about how both encode and transfer video content for mobile multlmedia. When the PSP launches in Korea, there will be a full streaming service in place for movies and probably other content as well which totally rocks. I can’t wait to see something like that in the US, either from Sony (if it’s Connect, please make it accessible directly from the PSP so it’s not Windows only) or some other content aggregator(s).

All in all, the PSP is an impressive device. When you see it next to the Nintendo DS, it really comes off as the more mature product — both in audience and in what it can really do. The main limitations are pure Sony. A new standard for the game discs, though that’s actually pretty cool. The UMD is a 1.8GB disc, which is an impressive amount of storage in such a small disc, though I suppose years of pushing MD helped design that one. It’s the Memory Stick that’s the real killer. A 1GB Memory Stick Duo Pro is about twice as expensive as a 1GB SD card and if you were to buy the Sony branded one vs the Sandisk (the only other maker) you’d pay even more… of course neither brand is available at all. Sony has an incredible opportunity to push more high capacity Memory Sticks out the door to enable the more than just gaming experience they seem to be marketing.

I think the PSP is a winner and am very interested to see what additional ideas come about as more time passes and people have think about ways to take advantage of all that power in their hands.

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