making eggs

making eggs

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I just happened to look in this window on my way to a meeting today and saw this woman making all these eggs. I think it was a small gallery and that it was called “East Meets West.”

That’s a lot of eggs…

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The Treo and Bluetooth

I can’t imagine I am alone in finding some frustration with the Treo 650 and the Bluetooth support. My device is unlocked so no carrier got to mess with what’s on the inside…. before you even ask.

I’ve had limited success utilizing dial-up networking. It works, though can take many connection attempts in order to get online with my PowerBook. My Sony Ericsson T610 simply worked.

Both bluetooth headsets I’ve tried – the Treo Headset and a Jabra BT200 have had mixed success. The Treo headset seems to function better (you’d hope right?) but still has quite a few flaws. The default behavior is for the headset, once paired, to receive all call activity. This is great if you want to always use the headset, but not so great if you just want to quickly answer the phone as it rings from the main unit. Transfers back and forth from headset to Treo have simply not worked for me. While I can pull a call from the headset back to the Treo using the Treo’s on-screen button within the Phone application, but I have never gotten a call patched back to the headset. An interesting (and sucky) twist with with this process is that once I’ve taken the call back to the Treo, I usually have to reconnect the headset (through pairing or a power-cycle) in order to get calls back to the headset.

Answering calls has been OK… but not great. Even when I think the devices are paired and choose to answer a call using the Treo, rather than the button on the headset, the call might still drop to the Treo making me feel like an idiot with two telephony devices on my head trying to figure out which one is active. Pressing the button on the headset does not always pick up the call so I am pretty stuck without a good solution at this point since I must use the Treo to answer the phone.

When I was using the SE T610, bluetooth seemed like a more natural extension of the phone. If I chose to answer the phone on my headset it was there and If I chose the phone it was there. If I wanted the call on my headset after answering the phone on my phone, I could just press the button on the headset for a second or two and pick it up.

Not sure what the deal is with the Treo…

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Tiger Roars! (soon)

Both The Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg and The New York Times’ David Pogue give Tiger rave reviews, even with the expected minor bits that require a future update. Spotlight and Dashboard earn the greatest attention as you might expect as does the new enhanced iChat AV which includes up to 10 party audio and 3 way video conferencing.

For me, the main draw in addition to the usual bonuses associated with an OS update, is Quicktime 7 with H.264. I am also very pumped to work through Automator. There have been too many times I’ve thought if I could just figure out a way to do that in AppleScript… I think that day is tomorrow.

Actually, having just checked Amazon May 4th. Amazon is really letting me down on the pre-order. I had yet to see any indication of shipment and just checked… what’s the point of pre-ordering?? Argh. I should have just gone with Apple… but that damn rebate got my attention.

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