April 2005

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I have yet to watch it, but if you do, (OK even if you don’t) this is a hilarious look (and count) of the dialog. Technorati Tags: Deadwood, HBO, TV

making eggs Originally uploaded by atmasphere. I just happened to look in this window on my way to a meeting today and saw this woman making all these eggs. I […]

DashBoardShare.com like AutomatorWorld, which I just linked to is a way to share (in this case) Dashboard Widgets. Technorati Tags: Apple, Dashboard, software, Tiger

I’m sure there will be others, but this is a great start. It’s always good to see the sharing of this stuff… Automator World is dedicated the Mac OS X […]

I can’t imagine I am alone in finding some frustration with the Treo 650 and the Bluetooth support. My device is unlocked so no carrier got to mess with what’s […]

Both The Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg and The New York Times’ David Pogue give Tiger rave reviews, even with the expected minor bits that require a future update. Spotlight […]

Mail Act-On Plugin for Apple Mail.App looks like a great way to manage action with new mail. The author is using it for a GTD system and it looks pretty […]

Two different emails arrived this afternoon about the same event… From the WSJ: TECH ALERT: Amazon’s Net Sinks on Tax Charge and from CBS Marketwatch: Bulletin: Amazon revenue of $1.9 […]

So Real is supposedly the leader in the streaming services and today marks a major update so I figured I would check it out. The new Rhapsody lets anyone* listen […]

David Card from Jupiter offers a nice view inside MTV’s Overdrive broadband experience…It definitely sounds cool. The level of polish and the content refresh rate should easily draw viewers. The […]

When you’ve got it right, you’ve got it right. Tonight was open house at the middle school my daughter may attend next year. During the tour I got a look […]

Yahoo! News unveiled their new beta and I really like it quite a bit. You can easily see the topics and from within a topic the main subtopics available. There’s […]

Profiles is a very cool app for your Treo (or any other Palm device) which lets you define settings and the appropriate options you might like to control. You can […]