The EDGE goes to Cingular

I finally got fed up waiting on T-Mobile to announce something formal on EDGE data speeds and switched both cell phones in our plan to Cingular. Now both my wife and I have EDGE capable devices and the coverage here in NYC is excellent. The speed is noticeable so I feel good for the switch on that regard and the port experience was very smooth. Both our phones (a new MOT v551 for her) and my unlocked Treo 650 were active within a few minutes and we were on our way.

In contrast to my switch on “Portability Day” last year when I moved a Nextel and Sprint number to TMO, this was simple and clean. I guess quite a few lessons have been learned (especially with the continual ATT to Cingular ports) in the past year.

The only Treo issue that is confounding me is getting DUN to work. I’ve got the settings correct as best I can tell, but for some reason my Powerbook refuses to connect to my Treo which is actively waiting to be used as a modem. If I nail this detail, I should be quite comfortable working on the bigger machine without WiFI if I need to…

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