To XBox 360 or Not?

I was initially biased by the PS3 and Sony vs. MS, but there is something that continues to draw me towards the XBox 360.  The PS3 probably won’t really arrive for another year at this point which gives the XBox quite the time edge to potentially work its way into my living room.As if I am already at a full loss of free time a game machine is really not something I need…

I’ve been reading about both the intense and casual games online and really think I would (know) enjoy the system.  I wonder what kind of kid games (2+) there are that would allow me to better justify this … hmm…

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3 Replies to “To XBox 360 or Not?”

  1. Go for the Xbox! The only problem might be getting one anytime before Christmas. I preordered one but was lucky enough to win one online. I called Gamestop today and they told me it was unlikely i’d see one before Christmas, even with my preorder. A lot of stores are reporting lower number of consoles than expected.

    I am sure it will be the same when PS3 comes out too =(

    Good luck with whatever you decide šŸ™‚

  2. You should definitely pull the trigger. If I can justify a $2500 gaming laptop, you can certainly swing the $300. Feel free to use me as the (bad) example.


  3. I’m in the wait and see category. There’s no xbox 360 game that I’m really finding to be a big draw, so I figure I’ll wait until next year when ps3, nintendo’s yet to be named console, and halo 3 are all going head to head. Until then, I’ll keep myself more than amused with DS games like Mario Kart and Nintendogs.

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