Nokia N90 in Hand!
I received a Nokia N90 to play with this weekend and I am working through the new device like any good gadget geek.
The one thing that is really pissing me off, is an Apple thing, not a Nokia issue and that is that I cannot trick iSync to work with my phone so I cannot sync my contacts and calendar over… something I seriously want to work. I’ve read and tried the Mac OSX Hints page a few times and tried a reboot, but something is clearly not working.

Otherwise it seems like a very impressive unit. I’ve never owned a Nokia phone, so the UI is taking a bit to adjust, but I can immediately tell this is a VERY well thought out phone. You can customize it to sound or look like anything you need / want and you can easily install and move applications through the menus as well which is a nice bonus since you can clearly hold a ton of stuff.

I’ve only made one call so far — to voicemail and listened to some messages on speaker-phone which were left by my 2 yr. old daughter – the call was clear and the form factor feels natural in your hand and on your head.

I am (bluetooth) paired with my laptop for data usage and file transfer, as well as a bluetooth headset and and the car so I can be handsfree and safe while on the go.

The N90 if you don’t know is the N-Series phone that is designed for photo and video capture. There is a 2MB camera inside with Carl Zeiss Optics. Instead of installing Lifeblog on my computer, I’ve chosen to add Flickr as my lifeblog destination which is very cool. I’ve only uploaded one shot from the N90 for now, but I can see this being very handy once I’ve really begun to dive deeper into moblogging with the device. I really miss the camera from my Treo, and this blows that away. My work-issued blackberry is all business and has no fun built-in at all.

One thing to note, this is no RAZR in size. It’s substantial, but given what it does, I think the size is both comfortable and appropriate. The construction feels solid and the phone feels great in my hand in both phone and camera modes (of which there are 4 true modes). I’ll be sure to continue to post as I become more of an expert on Nokia and more specifically the N90. If you are reading and have some questions (it’s a bit hard to find around I know), please post and I’ll be sure to answer in the thread or possibly a new post if it’s a big enough topic.

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  4. isn’t the lack of features a let down on N90 as compared to the N80 or N91?

    is the display really something to die for?

    how is the UI?

    how great does it look when in hand??


  5. Well first of all the N90 came out before those other phones, so it’s hard to compare based on that since things usually evolve as new products arrive. I’ve also got the N70 which is excellent and actually preferred over the N90 mainly based on form factor. The 90 definitely takes better images both in video and still so if that’s your priority, you might prefer it.

    I have not used the N80 or 91, but imagine them to be similar in main features with the exception that they both offer enhancements as designed in their respective lines. Though I would probably not choose a music phone over an iPod in the case of the 91.

  6. I’m a huge Mac and Nokia fan. However, my boyfriend’s N90 doesn’t seem to speak to Macs with the ease that my N70 does. When I activate bluetooth in the N90 and try to send photo’s to my Mac mini OR my iMac, the little “incoming file transfer” window appears for an instant and then disappears. I’ve tried pairing the devices about a billion times now and I’m really getting fed up… Please help!

  7. not sure I know what that issue is, I never had any issues with the N90 on a Powerbook or Mac Mini…

    You might try deleting the pair from both sides and trying to set it up again.

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