Mac Mini Reborn as Media Center?

Apple’s Mac mini will be reborn as the digital hub centerpiece it was originally conceived to be, Think Secret sources have disclosed. The new Mac mini project, code-named Kaleidoscope, will feature an Intel processor and include both Front Row 2.0 and TiVo-like DVR functionality.

Think Secret

While just a rumor for now, this is a very exciting thing to consider as the essential pieces are in place.  I saw this possibility almost a year ago and still believe that the Mini and certainly the future Intel-based version holds a serious amount of potential for the living room.

In my quick tests of Front Row on a mini in our kitchen it’s a nice starting point.  The missing pieces are clear — DVR capabilities and developer extensibility.  Of course there is some UI tweaking to be done as well, though that type of stuff is less of an issue from stopping the roll of an Apple based media center.  As you might recall Apple hired the CEO away from ElGato to run Apple Germany, and ElGato is the current leader in both Mac-based DVR systems as well as UPnP support through their various technologies.

Apple could seriously shock the system with a solid media center product.  They possess the indisputable capabilities to make the complex simple and there is a clear need for such a thing if you look at the current space.  An integrated platform with access to premium content, TV and your own collected media, all simple to use in a system that just works… sign me up!

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2 Replies to “Mac Mini Reborn as Media Center?”

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