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As you might have noted in my last post, and lack of posts prior to that one last week, I’ve been extremely busy. I am crashing through an amazingly high profile and short term client project which will have quite a few of us cranking through the holidays. I am actually booked on it full-time which is funny considering my other projects make for a “full-time” job is well. Not exactly how I was allocated per our retainer, such is life. It’s all good – even though my wife thinks otherwise since the hours and recent and pending travel are nutty.

When I accepted this gig in May, I thought it was going to be what is actually starting to really become… patience young jedi. I am working on some very cool stuff (to a geek like me anyway) and dealing with some new and very smart people on the client side.

It’s nice that the significant uptick has taken place right after my switch over to the Powerbook since that is the best and most comfortable place for me to manage the unbelievable assault of email and information. I am accustomed to a lot of email, but I get an average of 150-200 work emails a day that all require a nice piece of my attention. That in addition to a constant flow of meetings and traveling between locations makes for interesting days and weeks. I’ve amazed myself at how much information it seems possible to manage though frankly it’s totally daunting all the same. I’ve been working through Kinkless GTD and OmniOutliner as my primary keeper of info and think it’s a solid combo. Mail is locked to Entourage, though seems to connect nicely to Exchange. No chance being even more fringe than I already am as the only non-creative with a Mac.

Otherwise all is well here… Suburban life is excellent and we are enjoying the house beyond expectations. There are many projects here to complete to further enhance things, but it’s a complete quality of life improvement.

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