Series 60 – Photoblogging

I’ve been playing with some ways to auto-capture photos from Phone to Flickr and while there are certainly a few ways to do this, there are two applications, I’ve tried that are hands down killer apps.  Shozu works on phones other than Series 60 devices, while Meaning only works on the platform.

Shozu pops up right after you snap a picture and lets you save to web if you like right in the moment.  You have to have preset some basic tags for flickr which I’ve done and then the photo uploads in the background on your phone… in my case a shiny new Nokia N70.  Shozu is simple and very slick.   You can choose other photo services and even pick a service which includes video if you like.  Since flickr does not currently support video, Shozu can automatically email a captured video to an address of your choosing.

Meaning takes much of what I like about Shozu and adds an enhanced and on the fly tagging system as well as the addition of GPS!  That’s right if you use a GPS device as I am currently — the Nokia LD-1W — you can Geo Tag your images as you go and upload that data to Flickr as well.  If you don’t have a GPS, you can still tag your location by naming the cell you happen to be in.  As Meaning has a few more levels of detail it might be construed more difficult to use, but it’s the same deal.  After you snap a picture, you can add a description and title and the tags of your choosing… hit send and your phone uploads quietly in the background.

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