D-Link DGL-4100: Au Revoir, Bonjour?

For the life of me I cannot figure out why Bonjour no longer works on my network. I can connect directly through an IP to any machine on my network, use ARD or VNC as needed, but things like iTunes sharing are dead.

Initially I thought this was going to be a wired to wireless issue, but I tried connected a powerbook directly to the router and saw no change either. There’s clearly a block somewhere but I can’t find it. D-Link of course said to contact Apple… I’ve searched around on message boards, but so far have come up empty. This is not critical, but seriously missing and something I’d really like to restore. Hopefully someone will catch this via Google…

As noted below… I’ve fixed this issue with a new cable. I’ve actually turned off the ports I had toyed with and it’s still working. Old ethernet cable trashed.

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3 Replies to “D-Link DGL-4100: Au Revoir, Bonjour?”

  1. I just fixed this! I swapped the cable, restarted the machine and somehow that made a difference! Perhaps something was just corrupt from all my switching around, but it’s working!!

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