Flock / Google Browser Sync Conflict

There is a seriously annoying conflict between the Google Sync Extension for Flock and Flock itself. Because, you need to enter a password to protect both your initial flock data as well as your google sync info, there are prompts on start-up.

For some reason the Google bit likes to jump on top of the flock bit making it impossible to enter your information.

The rub is that this only happens if you are not running Flock as the top-most application, which actually happens quiet frequently. My only fix (read avoidance) is to be sure to sit and watch Flock start in order to work-around it.

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2 Replies to “Flock / Google Browser Sync Conflict”

  1. Hey –
    Where did you find Google Browser Sync for Flock? I can only seem to find it for firefox?

    Please reply via email, as I won’t bookmark the comments feed …


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