Nokia’s Living Room Streamer

Just caught this on PVRWire…

Nokia has been rumored on the website to be launching a living room video streaming device.

According to unnamed source on T3 the device will be based on the Nokia’s Audio Gateway and will use WiFi to stream video stored on your cell phone.

That certainly sounds like a waste of time to me. Why would you want to stream low quality video on your cell phone to your network enabled PVR or PC? I’m suspecting, or at least hoping there is something a little more to this.
[PVR Wire]

I think it’s actually pretty clear. Nokia is competing very directly with Apple as noted by T3. The N-Series devices are getting quite powerful and in daily use are great as personal, 1-2 foot type units. If you add-in a connection back in the living room you get a 10 foot shared experience. I’m not thinking there’s much of a unique UI to this (yet) it’s more in how and with whom you share content collected through the phone. The N93 can record DVD quality video and has a TV out function. The N95 can also record video in DVD quality, but also has a 5 megapixel camera and supports UPnP which means once it’s connected on your home network, you might not have to even connect a dongle in order to view content in a shared environment through whatever this device becomes.

When I own the N95 (predicting I will…) I can definitely see adding this second unit as a complement for sharing. I’m sure there will be other N-Series or related products that can also stream to this either with out without wires. Just like the iPod, if you have Gigs of information in a small form factor, you’ll want that to become the central component source for what you watch and listen to – especially at home.

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