Things I learned in Iceland

  • The people are very nice…
  • There are only about 300,000 of them
  • It’s apparently temperate most of the time and had not really snowed since like 1998
  • You’d never believe that looking at my pictures since there’s currently a ton of snow everywhere and it’s pretty damn cold
  • The flight time is similar to heading to the west coast but…
  • The 5 hour time difference and considerably less sunlight make that first day a bear
  • There’s a great deal more to see and experience than I was able to get to in a day and a half … volcanos, hot springs, whales and of course the aurora borealis. I’m hoping for a next time if my business pans out.

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3 Replies to “Things I learned in Iceland”

  1. nice to see Iceland pics. day and a half? not really long enough probably.

    good to see an American travelling objectively. pictures taken with N73 I wonder?

    nice blog.

    arrived whilst searching for info on syncing notes for N73 with .Mac

  2. Definitely not long enough … Took most of the pics with my N73, but also a few with a Nikon D70s). The N73 is amazing! I love how I can upload high quality images to Flickr on the go courtesy of Shozu (which I’ve used on quite a few phones now). I’m sure the bill will be pretty intense when it arrives…

    N73 and .Mac sync are a non-issue, but you need this plugin —

  3. Nice pictures! I was expecting to see more snow, we get just as much in Italy, not this year so far though, the temperatures have been too warm.

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