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Is it possible to get a Nokia GPS to be active in always-on mode without leaving a navigation app open? It seems that when active both the LD-1W and LD-3W save their tracks locally which is cool. You can read this through most apps that can read NMEA info (Google Earth works nicely) when you get back to your computer to see where you’ve been. With the appropriate additional tools, you can even use the time-stamp to match against pictures you take with a DSLR.

My main purpose though is to ping it throughout the day via Shozu and I’d rather not leave Nokia Maps running which tends to eat my phone’s battery if in constant tracking mode.

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  1. amen brother! My guess is that this is a bug in ShoZu! There should be no need to run Nokia Maps to get the GPS to pass info to ShoZu. I have seen exactly the same bug with a Tom Tom GPS I have borrowed.

  2. Actually, Jaiku’s S60 client has built-in GPS support, but it is not activated in the current version (to really kick ass, it needs to be polished and integrated with a couple of Web components).

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