PocketCaster video Blogging…very cool!

OK – This is pretty crazy. I just live streamed a video from my Nokia N93 to the web! I had actually seen Steve Garfield do this last week when I was in Dallas and tried to get it working over dinner with Andy Abramson, but the open AP in our restaurant was blocking my progress at the time.

I cover a few random bits… obviously testing PocketCaster (check) a bit on Twitter for Stefan (check) and a progress report while sitting on my ass with the Nokia Workout Tracker

While the N93 was on my Nokia Tripod I also moved the camera around a bit so sorry for the seasickness…

I could have posted this to my blog directly if I used Typepad or Blogger, so instead I routed the video through YouTube. When I watched I had to use Safari to get my video to play in Quicktime for some odd reason as Firefox requested I install a plugin. I use Quicktime Pro so I’m not sure where the glitch is, but think it’s pocketcaster…

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  3. lol, great stuff Jonathan, i love this software, thinking of using it on my friends band for a live stream. Keep up the good work.


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