Live Nokia audiocast – S60 Browser from FP1 to be available!

It will be one month to the day tomorrow from the evening with S60 and exactly when I was informed the browser would be available to download… at least that’s my educated guess as to what the real content is about. Check out the clues below…

S60 was the first to bring full HTML browser in mobile devices providing a desktop-like browsing experience.

Now, S60 cordially invites you to attend a live audiocast as Chief Technology Officer Tero Ojanperä, Nokia, presents how Nokia and S60 enhance the Internet experience further.

The audiocast takes place on Monday April 16, 2007 at 1.15 p.m. CET.

To listen to the audiocast log on at on Monday April 16. A related press release will be available on the same day after 12.00 CET at and prior to the audiocast.

The audiocast together with the presentation will be available for view on demand approximately one hour after the audiocast. [Ring Nokia]

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11 Replies to “Live Nokia audiocast – S60 Browser from FP1 to be available!”

  1. unfortunately i doubt that the release will happen that soon. also i cant see any clues in the text that its just the announcement of such an update. i think they are going to present something more revolutionary.

    i mean, would you make such tada for only a program update???

    but i really hope i am wrong. i really need this new browser for my n80 =)

  2. Did you notice the FP1 in the title? … If it is true, you wont get it for the N80… which would be a real shocker the 3rd eddition users initiated the lobbying for the sis browser… let’s hope the title is wrong…

  3. I’m disappointed…. This is a long time off as the first FP2 devices will only start to trickle out by end of year and will likely not be here en masse until next year.

    I like the idea, but would like something with more immediate gratification.

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