Loving the N95

If you’ve been tracking my real-time updates on Twitter you’ve certainly noticed that I have an N95! Since unboxing the device, I’ve been very actively putting it to the test and I have to say outside of a few exceptions, I’m very impressed and pleased.

The N95 is about as thick, but a tad wider and lighter than the N73, thinner and lighter than the N80. I was actually struck by how light it feels in your hand. This does not take away from build quality though I’ve heard and felt a few creaking sounds. This seems to go away once the slider it open as there is noticeably less flex in the system when it’s open for some reason.

My gripes are ones I hope get addressed in firmware updates. There’s definitely not enough memory for the power user and you will immediately begin to see the lovely low memory warnings and find apps have shut down when you put the N95 to the test. I’ve been working around this, but hope that since this is the flagship N-Series it gets better. The other N-Series I’ve used seemed to actually have more memory available for multitasking. My other issue is a personal thing I’ve again been learning and more willing to accept as this is a new device and things are different… I find the main buttons to be pretty tight for my hand. It’s very easy to accidentally hit the wrong key (like End) or tough to use both Down and the Pencil when selecting multiple things. I’m getting better with practice! Last, GPS takes longer than you might like to get an initial signal (cold start) but once it does, the system is quite solid.

There’s a whole lot to love here and in general am very impressed with this device. I’ve been able to freeze and reset it, but I’ve done that with every Nokia to date. When you realize that you can shoot awesome DVD-like video, snap beautiful 5MP pictures, Navigate with GPS, use any type of messaging, make crystal clear phone calls and even use the phone as a high speed modem, there’s much to love!

I’ve installed the N95 iSync plugin and decided to test things by syncing my contacts (over 2000) and had no issues with cluttering performance. My N73 did not like when I did that and while I initially did this as a test, I’ve kept them all on since – why not be able to reach anyone I want… just in case!

On the phone I’ve had issues with Shozu working well and tried before and after the initial firmware update, so that’s a pass for now. The Flickr and Vox integration is solid, even if it takes a few more clicks. I have Truphone installed, Handy Taskman, Handy Weather, Handy Clock, Nokia Sports Tracker, Gmail Mobile, Google Maps Mobile, and the Nokia Wellness Diary – though I’ve yet to get this one even open yet.

I’ve paired the phone with a few computers here, my N800, BH-800 headset and our car — no issues there and I like the prompt to auto-connect, which is new to me. Not sure this is a Feature Pack 1 thing or was available in newer firmware, but I like it.

Here’s a “quick” video walkthrough for some more detail. (Yes I know I said N93 instead of N73 a few times… get over it.)

All in all – the N95 kicks ass!

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  1. I have seen your video about N95 and I think it’s great tutorial.

    But I want to ask you something: Do you feel that the touch-screen abillity that N95 lacks is an essential one , therefore one should not buy it ??
    I mean it has great feautures as a new age smartphone, but don’t you think Nokia should be revolutionary -as well as the other N95 feautures- to that particular feauture which is common to every other mobile phone ??

    I really want to read your opinion because I am at about to buy it.. and not being able to use it with a “pen” is something that holds me back.

  2. I don’t miss the touchscreen … though I also use and have it paried with an N800 tablet which enables more capabilities as well. I’m fine with the N95 navigation through the UI and text entry with the number pad for shorter messages in SMS or email. No issues at all.

  3. Jonathan thank you for the quick response. I will try to think it more 🙂

  4. Hello Jonathan,

    I have to decide between the Nokia N95 and a Palm Treo 750 including a bluetooth GPS device. In a local magazine they say that GPS navigation with N95 takes a lot of time (especially initializing the connection to GPS). Is that true? Why do I have to pay for point-to-point navigation?
    How about opening ms office or pdf documents? Is this possible with the N95? That would be a nice feature aswell. 🙂
    Last question (sorry for bothering): Is the calendar of the N95 comparable to for example ms outlook? I mean, is it usable as a fully functional calendar or is it still as simple as on older Nokia mobiles and smartphones?

    Greetings from Germany!

  5. GPS definitely takes a few min to get going, but works well once engaged and you can use it for turn by turn directions — for an additional fee based on the term you select. You can open and view office and pdf docs, but have to upgrade to edit…

    The calendar is OK. I sync Google Calendar to it for viewing on the phone… with occasional new items from the phone. If you sync it’s ok – Palm has a much better PIM function.

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