Tough battery life on the N95

I’m frustrated to report that the N95 battery just can’t cut it for a full day of use. Yesterday was my first real test of tethering, calls with a touch of GPS. My battery died a bit after 4 PM. While this is considerably better than the N80, it pales in comparison with the N73.

The real rub is that you have to think in compromises in order to make a full day of use. I like to use my phone as modem paired with the N800 tablet throughout a day when away from my desk. This battery issues is making me consider disabling t auto-connect function with my phone – in my window limiting a second device!

I still really like the N95 and hope that someone either develop a higher capacity battery or that Nokia can tweak a bit more with a firmware update.

Giving things another go today after a night powered off and charging…

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