N95 Network Stack issues…

Phoneboy reports how the network stack on the N95 has been giving him issues. Until last night’s twitter exchange, I was not sure what my own issues were, but it’s clear we are suffering from the same nonsense.

I definitely have had my share of reboots and halts while actively connected. I’ve seen white screens on the browser and freeze-ups as well – sometimes these can be cleared by “kill” in Handy Taskman, but usually require a restart. I’ve also had the pleasure of finding my N95 in the midst of a restart (on it’s own) while tethered to my N800… I looked down after feeling as though the connection had stalled and sure enough the phone was actually power cycling.

This is pretty major as far as I’m concerned. I’m not sure what causes this to happen but am hopeful that the issues will be resolved in a soon to be released firmware update.

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