Real World GPS on the N95

Recently my wife and I were in the car – actually my parent’s car – and the GPS was set for a different region than the one we were within. As a result, we were unable to look up an address we wanted as we needed directions in order to find a place to stop for lunch. Fortunately, I had the N95 on hand and with only a little guidance from me, she was able to look up where we wanted to go and get directions while we were en route.

Her experience was interesting to watch … She actually expected the N95 to be a touch screen and did not immediately understand the soft keys or the 5-way rocker. In fact, under the pressure to find our desired destination before I passed the upcoming exit on the highway caused a bit of stress in learning how to use something on-the-fly. Happily she figured it out and was able to give me directions before it was too late. It was great to see that since our position updated on the fly, the directions in the Nokia Maps program updated while we were moving making it easy to track.

while I’m sure I would have had an easier time, I was driving and it was considerably safer (for our drive, not necessarily our marriage!) to let her learn while we drove. I don’t normally use the GPS function of the N95 for anything more than fun, so it was good to see it could handle the task — especially when we actually had no idea which way to go.

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2 Replies to “Real World GPS on the N95”

  1. In a similar but less happy ending…I found myself in the same situation with my wife last night.
    Unfortunately, despite getting a GPS lock, Nokia’s Maps program decided that the 880 South wasn’t a road, and therefore that it couldn’t give directions while on the freeway, making it rather useless.

  2. Sorry to hear. I’ve had plenty of GPS directional issues with various cars and devices… unfortunately, it’s still always a good idea to have some basic idea where you want / need to go.

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